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License MIT

Table of content

1. In a few words

marknotes is a PHP application that you can self-hosted and who will help you to manage your “notes” : documentations, meeting minutes, user guides, ebooks, emails, … i.e. everything you put in it.

You’ll write your information with a very basic text editor program (even Notepad on Windows OS) and you can, of course, edit them through the interface.

Notes are stored in a text file (with a .md extension). Sensitive part can be encrypted like logins, passwords, credit card numbers, …

2. Documentation

You can find the documentation on the wiki here : but I encourage you to play with the demo so you can quickly see how the application works.

3. Screenshots

3.1. The main interface

The left side of the screen displays your notes.

The upper part of the screen shows a ribbon with a search engine and buttons (fully personalizable).

Most of the screen is devoted to displaying your documentation.

The main interface of marknotes

3.2. The login screen

To be able to manage notes and to configure marknotes, you need to provide a login and a password. But, if you wish, you can disable this f.i. on a localhost : the user will be immediatly authenticated in that very special situation.

Login screen

3.3. The editor

Notes can be edited online (or not; it just depends on your configuration).

The editor provide a lot of features like, for instance,

The online editor

The file manager

You can display a file manager (also on your production site of course) which will allow you to f.i. reorganise your folder structure, create new folder, renaming them, …

The most important feature : you can drag and drop files/folders from your computer directly to your site. And that’s really nice !

The file manager

3.4. Configuration screen

You can manage more than 200 configuration items directly from a settings page.

Here, below, f.i. the configuration of buttons.

Configuration screen - Enable / disable buttons

3.5. Display your content

Of course, you can display your notes in HTML but not only : you can display them as slideshows.

Below an example with a customized template (html and css).

A note displayed as a Reveal.js slideshow

You can export the note in different file format (docx, epub, odt, pdf, txt, …).

4. Demo site

The demo is available on

5. Credits

Christophe Avonture |

This application could not have been created without the amazing Open Source community.

A tremendous thank you to every library maintainers who give time and robust software (like, a.o.t, AdminLTE, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, jQuery, jsTree, Parsedown, Reveal.js, SimpleMDE, …)

Thank you to githb for their tools.