DEMO of website presenting detailed Health reports,
including charts

focus on making websites super easy for end-users

Marc DECHEVRE | Woluweb


Demo on demand : want to see this demo live or later again ?


1. Similar website

credit2consumer.be for FOD/SPF Economie

2. Edition of existing article

2.1. Directy from front-end

2.2. Word-like editor

Article JCE

2.3. Powerful

3. Inserting HighCharts graph

3.1. Cloud HighCharts

We propose the use of the Cloud Version of HighCharts

3.2. Easy to work in team and from anywhere

3.2.1. Example of graph within this presentation

The graph is interactive

3.3. Creating HighCharts

Very simple

3.4. ways of inserting in your content

  1. iFrame Code
  2. Inject Code
  3. Just for you, even easier :
    simply by typing in your content {chart ID}
    or [kce ID] or whatever you like
    Example : {chart ry9Cqlb5f}HighCharts PublishHighCharts Inject

4. Creation of article

5. Menu creation

6. Menu creation – more

Your life made easy

Our philosophy is to make your life as easy as possible. Even things which were not on the Terms of References of credit2consumer.be were intregrated at no extra charge following the discussions when we started implementing. Example : the creation of an automated Table of Contents at the beginning of articles simply by typing {index}

The same prevails for your project. Example : insertion of your charts simply by typing {chart ID} (another advantage : if the injection code by Cloud HighCharts ever changes/improves, we can adapt all your graphs (hundreds/thousands) in one click

Last example : we typically make video tutorials which are directly available on your site (only for you, not for the public)

Customization of interface

Many things can be customized to suit your preferences. For example, for end-users with little computer litteracy, we can for example

Static or Dynamic website ??

1. Static website not appropriate here

For your present project, Static website not appropriate


Security is a very important concern (especially for Gov websites)

It is also my specialty


What is important in the comparison is the Total Cost of Ownership, maintenance included if it applies.

Let’s make 2 scenarios which are feasible in your project :

  1. You delegate only the creation of the website and can take care of the rest
  2. You delegate everything

Let’s detail them on the next slides (prices VAT excl.)

1. Scenario min – You take some




2. Scenario max – You delegate all




Very efficient :

About us

1. Expert in Joomla

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