Custom Fields : how far can you go ??

Marc Dechèvre | JoomlaDagen 2018 Nederland | #jd18nl

present slides


1. Joomla before version 3.7

Near perfection… | Musical analogy :

2. Then Joomla 3.7 came

OMG ! 3.7 shipped with Custom Fields. Joomla rocks !!!

3. Giving that feeling

roller coaster

4. Custom Fields

How far can we go

A few examples to get inspiration

4.1. Long version

In the April 2018 issue of Joomla Community Magazine, I have published an article about “how far can we go with Joomla and Custom Fields” :

4.2. Short version

Yesterday, during the session “Daarom Joomla” (“That’s why Joomla”), I prepared the following slides :

5. JoomlaDay Paris

Want to know always more about
Joomla, Layout Overrides, Custom Fields and other topics ?

#jd18fr takes place on Friday 18 & Saturday 19 May 2018

Many sessions in English + people from the intl community


6. Thank you, Allon !

Before ending, big round of applause for Allon Moritz (CH)


He is the author of Custom Fields (previously one of his extensions: DP Fields) and gave it for free to the Joomla Project. Tweet him now

Thank You @laoneo for #Joomla #CustomFields ! #jd18nl

This is (not) the end

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